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Some Steps to Understanding User Needs

  1. Research (To understand behavior)
  2. Affinity Diagram (Identify patterns of behavior and pain points)
  3. Empathy Mapping (Built from the affinity diagram)
  4. Personas/Persona Stories (built from affinity diagram and empathy map)
  5. Problem Statement / POV Problem Statement
  6. Customer Journey Maps / Story-boarding (Helps with visualizing the problem)
  7. Other methods
    • User Stories
    • Story Madlibs
    • Re-framing
    • 2×2 Diagrams
    • Card Sorting
    • Value Proposition Canvas
    • How might we

Useful link from Design Libs

Favorite UX Links

List of canvas or tool diagrams [Link]

Just In Mind blog has concise UX topics

UX tools includes challenges and surveys

Design Principles FTW is database of design principles from various companies

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33 UX Activities

Lean UX Benefits

  • Reduce cost by saving on time spent on developing a product that might not be needed (Validate, make early changes, iterate)
  • Quick rapid solutions
  • Research and design happen quickly to development
  • Data-driven to verify assumptions

Lean UX

  • A mix of business, design, and development
  • Makes UX process more efficient and productive
  • Allows the validation of hypotheses guide the design team and not gut or preference
  • It not linear; it circular
  • Looks at product as hypotheses and not features
  • Help designers know id they are making the right decision